Coaching Testimonials

sorry you missed out (I'm no longer doing 1-on-1 coaching)

Denise C.


"When I first approached Michelle, I had just left my job leading Marketing at a small start-up. It had been 4 years since I had been in this position and I was at a crossroads in my career. I knew I could easily land another job doing similar work in Marketing, but I really wanted to change industries - something I had no idea on how to navigate.

Working with Michelle was exactly what I needed. With Michelle's direction and her coaching frameworks, I was able to crystalize what I wanted to do next in my career and map out exactly how to get there. Working with Michelle gave me the confidence to think big about my ultimate dream role and helped me solidify the step-by-step path to get there. Within 2 months of working with her, I landed two offers in the industry I wanted to transition into and, with her guidance, ultimately decided on the role that offers the best learning opportunities.

I'm so excited about where I'm at right now and a lot of that is thanks to Michelle's support."

Allyson L.


"Michelle is passionate, honest and wholly dedicated to supporting her clients' career and life goals. Whether it was helping me strategize my way out of feeling "unstuck" at a job or coaching me through negotiating a higher salary, Michelle has inspired me to take control of my career growth and forge my own path for my personal brand. During an interview prep session, she guided me through crafting my brand story and how to showcase my experiences as a valuable player, not just a summary of resume entries. We brainstormed through specific interview strategies, questions to anticipate (and ask of a future employer), and information to research about a company; changing my mindset that an interview is just as much about me vetting a future employer as it is about them getting to know me. I am now confident and empowered to take interviews and offers that are truly aligned with my goals, values and personal brand--and not just as a means to secure a job. I am lucky to consider Michelle my champion, coach and friend."


Suleman R.


"Michelle has been a great advisor and coach for me over the last four years. Not only has she helped me navigate through some of the trickiest professional challenges, but she has also helped me pivot my career in a big way. Her brutally honest advice from day one coupled with actionable coaching have enabled me to transition from being a Customer Success Manager to being a Director of eCommerce at an amazing company. Listen to her! Take the advice! — is my recommendation to anyone considering working with her. She’s a great listener, and can help you with whatever issues you face — sticky situations at work (or in your personal life), negotiation conversations, ongoing career advice — she has been the best for me!"

Paolo A.


"I reached out to Michelle for council during a job hunt.  She began by assessing the potential career growth of my options and, in doing so, helped me prioritize companies with the most upside.  After narrowing down the best opportunities, Michelle helped me maneuver through discussions to optimize compensation negotiation, resulting in a base salary 5% over my initial desired target and a cash signing bonus worth 8% of my base salary."


workshops & speaking engagements


Accelerator Labs Workshops | "Salary Negotiations: Overcoming Your Fear of Asking for More"

"As an newer organization, I really appreciated Michelle's commitment to quality work especially since our brand reaches so many new customers who we need to establish trust with. I found Michelle to be results driven and readily available and proactive when we needed to pivot our direction. I look forward to working with Michelle more in the future!"