Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Due to my current capacity, I am no longer accepting coaching clients. 

I am passionate about helping my clients find, land, and thrive in their desired career paths.

I began my career in management consulting and then jumped into the exciting world of startups. I spent my entire career in various executive-facing roles, where I had the privilege of working with some of the most exciting companies and capable leaders around the world. While honing my business skills and uncovering what it takes to build high-performing companies, I learned the importance of self-awareness, continuous learning, influence, and grit in one's ability to thrive in his or her chosen career path. My life's purpose is to empower people to lead fulfilling lives -- today, I do this by sharing my business savvy and providing clarity to people who are hungry for more. 


  • Education // UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business
  • Career // Deloitte Consulting, Moovweb, BetterWorks
  • Resumes Reviewed // 1000+ 
  • Average Increase in Clients' Total Compensation // 15%+


DOUBTING YOUR CAREER and are not sure if you are on the right path. You want to know what else is out there but aren't sure where to begin, or feel there are too many or too few options. 

FEELING STUCK in your current position and not sure why or what to do next to get out of your rut. You need help assessing your current situation and finding your fit. 

LOOKING TO UPGRADE but stakes are high and you want to make the right move. You feel out of touch with the market and need to sharpen your brand. 


"I feel stuck and I'm not sure what other jobs I can get" 
"How do I know if this company or role is right for me?
"How do I negotiate my offer?"

You're among hundreds of people who have asked me the same questions. 
Is it time to maximize your market value, hone your brand, and get unstuck?

Let me help you.





What you can expect from me

REFRESHING HONESTY. Honest and compassionate feedback is key to making progress. I will be your mirror, helping you identify your strengths and opportunities to improve.

EXPERIENCE. I've reviewed 1000+ resumes. I've interviewed hundreds of high caliber candidates and I know what high performing companies are looking for. 

NETWORK. I have an amazing network of professional contacts everywhere, many of whom are in consulting, tech, and spanning a variety of functions. 

Her brutally honest advice from day one coupled with actionable coaching have enabled me to transition my career in a big way
— Suleman Rehmani, Director of eCommerce
Michelle helped me maneuver through compensation negotiation, resulting in a base salary 5% over my initial desired target and a cash signing bonus worth 8% of my base salary.
— Paolo Almeda, Senior software engineer

BUSINESS EXPERTISE. As a trained business consultant, I spent my entire career coaching and consulting business executives from CEOs to department leaders. 

SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS. As a lifetime social justice activist, I relate to issues facing the underprivileged groups in the professional world. I care deeply about people of color, women, and LGBTQ people's financial success as I believe it's a critical factor in achieving social justice.  


Now available for purchase:

The Ultimate Career Transition Guide E-Book

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About the e-Book

The Ultimate Career Transition Guide provides you with a proven career transition methodology, best practices, and ready-to-use resources.

**The Guide does not include any personalized coaching services. 

All of my coaching clients receive the full Ultimate Career Transition Guide as a part of their engagement. They also receive a customized introspection workbook, job research template, interview organizer, and a comprehensive negotiations prep worksheet