OKR Consulting

OKR Program consulting

Due to my current capacity, I am no longer accepting OKR consulting clients. 

The good, bad, ugly... I've seen it all.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a popular management methodology that has gained popularity in tech and other industries looking to achieve operational excellence.

From rapidly scaling startups struggling to stay aligned to global enterprises challenged with executing with agility, I've helped countless companies roll out OKRs to achieve transparency, alignment, and focus.

I'm a field veteran and can help your organization implement a customized OKR program rapidly and effectively, leveraging both theoretical and practical best practices.


In addition to my expertise in OKRs, I leverage my change management, technology adoption, and B2B professional services experience to provide top-notch consulting services to all of my clients.

"Should I buy a software first or practice the methodology first?"
"How should we set company-wide OKRs?"
"How do OKRs relate or not relate to performance management?"
"Should individuals set OKRs or just teams?"

Contact me to learn more about OKR best practices and common pitfalls. 

BIG thanks to you, Michelle!!! Project exceeded all expectations... couldn’t have done it without you.
— President of a 200-person startup rolling out OKRs for the second time