About Me

Hi, i'm michelle

I support PEOPLE and organizations that want change

I believe all of us have the capacity to change for the better, if we want to

I'm currently living my dream, wearing multiple hats as an entrepreneur, speaker, and activist.

My professional background is in human capital consulting, change management, B2B technology startups, OKR / business goal setting consulting, and grassroots social activism (with a focus on LGBTQ issues). I identify as a queer immigrant woman of color. My #1 value is freedom. My personal identity, experiences, and values drive everything I do.


Because of my diverse skill sets, I straddle many different spaces -- and I take pride in bringing my whole, authentic, multi-dimensional self to every one of them!


HERE'S what I'm contributing to the world today: 


I write often about topics I feel passionately about. I've been named as a Top Writer in Diversity and Leadership by Medium, and am a contributing writer to Quartz at Work.


I support teams and leaders develop inclusive leadership skills through my business, Awaken, with top notch experiential diversity, inclusion, and equity workshops. 


I speak at community and corporate events, panels, conference, workshops, and webinars on a variety of topics close to my heart
(Also check out my social justice activism work).

Random visual snapshots of my life (and thoughts) and super clever and useful Tweets, of course: 


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